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The National Electrical Code isn't an annoyance when planning your electrical system. It's a set of safety standards that will help keep you safe and prevent problems in your home. If you suspect your house has electrical code violations, don't hesitate to contact JM Electrical Contracting, LLC.

You can count on us for the electrical code corrections you need in Binghamton, Bainbridge, NY or the surrounding area. We'll inspect your electrical system to find common problems like faulty wiring or incorrect installations. Then, we'll fix your system and get it up to code.

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The types of problems we fix

The types of problems we fix

The NEC is always changing, with updates every three years. Our electricians stay updated on every change, so you can rest assured that we have the skills and knowledge needed to fix...

Faulty electrical panels and poor connections
Incorrect wiring and overloaded circuits
Damaged or outdated electrical hardware

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