Generac Generators

Permanently Installed Home Backup Generators:

In case of a power outage, the comfort of knowing you have the capability to power at least the essential needs if not all of your home is irreplaceable. Working with Generac, we can provide the convenience and peace of mind to you and your family that your home backup generator will automatically operate duringĀ a power outage whether you are home or away.

JM Electrical Contracting, LLC will take the time to sit down with you to determine your needs and use our sizing calculator to find the right size generator for you and your home.

Reasons to consider installing a home backup generator:

Reasons to consider installing a home backup generator:

Operation of life-saving/safety medical equipment
Water and septic functions
Heating/air conditioning
Security systems
Zombie apocalypse... Just Saying

Portable Generators: From worksite to ultra-quiet RV generators, we have the solution to help you when no electrical service is available.

Generac Power Washers: We are also an authorized dealer for Generac Power Washers. From home use to commercial use, Generac makes a power washer for every need.