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Do your lights flicker when you turn on an appliance? The problem might be your electrical panel. Not all panels are created equal, and if your panel doesn't have enough power for your entire house, you could experience all kinds of issues.

JM Electrical Contracting, LLC provides electrical panel upgrades in the Binghamton, Bainbridge or Oneonta, NY area and can replace your outdated panel with a model that's more powerful and reliable. If you're building a new construction home, we'll explain your options and make sure you end up with a panel that meets your needs.

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3 reasons to install a new electrical panel

3 reasons to install a new electrical panel

Not sure if you should schedule an electrical upgrade? Consider the benefits of a powerful electrical system:

1. You can install subpanels and circuits to give more power to specific rooms, eliminating the need for extension cords
2. Your circuit breaker will be less likely to trip and interrupt your activities
3. Your home will be safer from potential problems like electrical shocks and fires

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